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Māori phrases

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Formal letter or email

Tēnā koe (Name)Dear (Name) ó greeting one person.
Tēnā kōruaGreeting two people. Donít insert the names.
Tēnā koutouGreeting three or more people.

Informal letter or email

Kia ora can mean hello, good morning, good afternoon and thank you.

Kia oraHello any number of people
Kia ora kōruaHello to two people
Kia ora koutouHello to three of more people
Mōrena or Ata mārieGood morning


Ngā mihiThank you
Ngā mihi nuiThank you very much
Ngā mihi maiohaThank you with appreciation
Aroha maiSorry, Iím sorry, my apologies
Kei te pēhea koe?How are you? (one person)
Kei te pēhea kōrua?How are you? (two people)
Kei te pēhea koutou?How are you? (three or more people)
Kei te paiIím well
Kei te tino paiIím very well
Kia manahau!Enjoy!
Ka mau te wehi!Awesome! Fantastic!
Mere KirihimeteMerry Christmas


Nāku, nāYours faithfully
Nāku iti noa, nāYours sincerely
Ngā mihiKind regards or thank you
Ngā mihi nuiKind regards (with more emphasis on gratitude)
Hei konā maiGoodbye for now
Mā te wāBye for now, see you later
Noho ora maiStay well, look after yourself, good bye
Kia pai tō rāHave a nice day
Kia pai tō kōrua rāHave a nice day (two people)
Kia pai tō koutou rāHave a nice day (three or more people)
Kia pai tō rā whakatāHave a great weekend!




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