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A search for more than one word will find pages that contain all of the words. Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. Also use quotes for text with punctuation or special characters.

Search examples

EnterTo find pages containing
kiwi wikiboth 'kiwi' and 'wiki'
"kiwi wiki "the phrase 'kiwi wiki'
south -island'south', omitting those containing 'island'
ski -"kiwi wiki"'ski', omitting those containing 'kiwi wiki'
north "-island"the words 'north' and '-island'
stewart - island'stewart', '-', and 'island'
"rakiura:"the word 'rakiura' with a colon
"cook=strait"the phrase 'cook=strait'
name=*kakapo*page names containing 'kakapo'

Some special characters need to be enclosed in quotes, including the colon (:), equals sign (=), less than (<), single quote (') and double quote(").

For advanced searches, page list parameters (count, name, group, fmt, link, list, order, and trail) can be entered together with the search string.

Wild card characters: asterisk (*) represent zero or more characters and question mark (?) represent exactly one character.

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