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The Wairarapa is an over the hill weekend and holiday escape for Wellingtonians. It has a number of attractive small towns, including - North to South - Masterton, Greytown, Carterton, Featherston, and Martinborough, as well as localities such as Gladstone, Lake Ferry, Tora, Ngawi, and Palliser.

By and large the Wairarapa is centred in the Ruamahanga catchment, bounded to the east by the Remutaka and Tararua Ranges, to the north by Mt Bruce and the Manawatu catchment, and all the east coast from the Mataikona River north of Castle Point down to Cape Palliser, and the south coast around to Mukamukaiti Stream.


Eketahuna(approve sites)

Founded in 1872 and originally named Mellemskov, Eketāhuna is the Māori name.[1](approve sites)

Castle Point



Wairarapa's largest town, founded in 1854, by Joseph Masters.[2](approve sites)


Named after Charles Rooking Carter, founded as Three Mile Bush in 1857.[3](approve sites)

Greytown(approve sites)

Founded in 1854 as a planned inland town, and named after Sir George Grey.[4](approve sites)


Originally known as Burlings, founded in 1856 and named after Isaac Featherston.[5](approve sites)


Founded in 1881 by John Martin, with its square laid out in the shape of a Union Jack.[6](approve sites)

Lake Ferry and Cape Palliser


The Wairarapa has a number of fantastic walking opportunities.

Free walks

The Department of Conservation has a page of Wairarapa tracks and walks(approve sites). Additionally they have a downloadable brochure of Wairarapa family walks and day visits(approve sites).
The Tararua Ranges(approve sites) can be accessed from

Greater Wellington have the Remutaka Rail Trail.

See the Wairarapa walks

Commercial walks

See also

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