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2008-01-12 Maungahuka

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We left town 3ish on Friday, heading up the coast in beautiful weather, stopping in Waikanae for an early meal of fish & chips or a pie. At the end of the Otaki Gorge Road we parked by the caretakers, changed, filled out the intentions book, and headed down to the river. Starting time 5.30pm from Otaki Forks.

We crossed the new bridge across the Waiotauru and walked up the old farm track to the terrace, and tool a long detour around the edge of the terrace before commencing the climb up to Judd Ridge. It was a perfect evening, and we climbed in to calm clear air with a brief stop at a view point looking all the way north up the main range before disappearing into the bush. It would have been about 8:15 when we reached Field Hut, the golden sun still illuminating the forest and the clearing. We had a brew, a walk outside, and hit the sack early.

We got up early, porridged, and left about 7:15, climbing steadily up out of the bush and onto the tops, still gloriously exposed under a blue sky. As we climbed the first signs of wind appeared as high level cloud, and by the time we stopped on Dennam it was windy enough to sit in the shelter of the brow of the hill. We headed north along the main range, going made easier as the route is now cut.


2008-01-12 16_0109.jpeg: 1536x1024, 598k (2008 Jan 24 22:31)
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2008-01-13 21_0104.jpeg: 1536x1024, 351k (2008 Jan 24 22:31)
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