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Whakapapa is owned by Ruapehu Alpine lifts, a non profit organisation founded in 1953, and operated under a concession from the Department of Conservation. RAL also own and operate Turoa

Whakapapa can be viewed as having two distinct areas, each of which has two parts:

the "lower mountain" consisting of
  • the Happy Valley beginners area; and
  • the Rock Garden, Tenants Gulley, and Hut Flat area;
and the "Upper Mountain" consisting of
  • the main or east side, and
  • the "National Downhill" or west side.

Aorangi snow cam
RAL snow cam
Geonet Ruapehu web cam(approve sites)
Geonet Ngauruhoe web cam(approve sites)

Happy Valley is a sheltered area situated in a valley below the main carpark, with its own cafeteria and ski hire facilities, its own double seater chairlift for access only (the shortest chair lift in Australasia), a double chair, platter lift, and rope tow, and snow making.

The rock garden is an advanced beginners run, with snow making, serviced by two double chairlifts, one of which - the rock garden chair - starts above the base building and finishes at the top of the run, the other - the centennial chair - starts beside the base building and finishes on the far side of hut flat, and feeds the express chair. Tenants gulley is an alternative route to the west of, and below, the rock garden which can be accessed from hutt flat for most of the season, but has no snow making. Hut flat has a beginners rope tow.
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