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2023-02-16 Canada, Day 06

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Red Mountain 1-overview-nohover-2223-web.jpg: 1200x745, 341k (2023 Mar 06 09:46)
Red Mountain overview
Red Mountain 2-paradise-2223-web.jpg: 1200x494, 361k (2023 Mar 06 09:47)
Red Mountain Paradise trail map
Red Mountain 3-granite-bowl-2223-web.jpg: 1200x616, 392k (2023 Mar 06 09:47)
Red Mountain Granite Bowl trail map
Red Mountain front-2223-web.jpg: 1200x694, 420k (2023 Mar 06 09:47)
Red Mountain front trail map

Tuesday 2023-02-21, day 06

logo_red-logo-hires.jpg: 1650x1061, 197k (2023 Mar 14 21:57)
Red Mountain logo

Rossland, ski Red Mountain day 1

Skiing trails

2023-02-21 nzm ski Red Mountain final.gpx

Driving map

2023-02-21 nzm Rossland to Red Mountain final.gpx 2023-02-21 nzm Red Mountain to Rossland final.gpx

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