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Hurunui, As Planned

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Day 0

  • ferry to Picton

day 1 map

680m to 840m

Day 1

  • drive(approve sites) to near Lake Mason on Lake Taylor Station.
  • cross the South Branch Hurunui and head south on the Eskhead Station road that parallels the South Branch until we come to the North Esk Valley - about 12 km on the map (say 4 hours at the most)
  • head up the North Esk and camp (say 1 hour)

day 2 map

840m to 1,410m to 960m

Day 2

day 3 map

960m to 820m

Day 3

  • down Bull Creek to Lochinvar hut(approve sites) (6 to 7 hours)
  • leave our packs at Bull Creek hut(approve sites), go to Lochinvar with day gear and go back to Bull Creek hut for the night if we were concerned about the length of the next day

day 4 map

820m to Roche Pass 1,126m to 830m

Day 4

  • Lochinvar hut to Bull Creek, up the Cox and Ellis Stream to Roche Pass and down to South Branch Hurunui hut(approve sites) (9 hours)
  • if staring at Bull Creek, travel for 2 more hours downstream from South Branch Hurunui hut and camp

day 5 map

830m to 680m

Day 5

  • down the South Branch, crossing either at start of the day if the river is up, or at the end if it is not, and back to the van - 6 hours from South Branch Hurunui hut or 4 hours from our campsite, thus completing a brilliant round trip
  • drive and ferry


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