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Auē Te Aroha

By: Moe Ruka; Ngāti Rangi,Whanganui,Tūwharetoa, Ngā Rauru, Ngāti Apa 1940s Chord source
(ara hi hi, hi hā)
D D7
Auē te aroha i ahau, aue
Auē e te iwi e (ara hi hi, hi hā)
E te iwi Māori puritia kia mau
D Bm
Utaina ki runga i te waka o te ora
Em A7 D A7
Ka hoe ai ki te tauranga
D D7
Ko te kupu a te Kaiwhakaora
A Hehu tino aroha (ara hi hi, hi hā)
Wetewetekia atu ngā ururua
D Bm
E te hunga e mamae ana
Em A7 D A7
Ka aru mai ai i ahau
D D7
E te iwi whakarongo ake rā
Ki te reo e karanga mai nei (ara hi hi, hi hā)
Whāia kia mau te kotahitanga
D Bm
He mea paihere nā te rangimārie
Em A7 D Bm
Kia mau ai i te Rongopai
Em A7 D Bm
Kia mau ai i te Rongopai
Em A7 D
Kia mau ai i te Rongopai (ara hi hi, hi hā)

Oh the love I have 
For you my people 
Hold fast to your beliefs 
And bring them forward into a new life 
So that we can seek all that is bountiful. 
This is the word of our creator, 
The loving Jesus: 
Cast away all that is bad 
So that those once deprived 
Can now follow me. 
Listen you my people 
To the voice calling: 
Pursue the unity of the spirit 
And combine it with peace 
So that the good news reigns. 

Created 2022 May 07 22:15

This is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research.

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