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Putiputi Kaneihana

By: Tuini Ngawai; Ngāti Porou
Putiputi kanei-hana e
Māku koe e kato e
Mēhemea ko koe
Taku tau pūmau
C G7 C
Ka piri rawai tēnei uma e
C G7 C
Ka piri rawai tēnei uma e

Such a pretty-pretty carnation you are! 
I'm going to pluck you 
and if you become 
my steady girlfriend 
I will hold you tightly to this bosom. 


  • Putiputi kanehana, sung by the Reinforcements 28 Māori Battalion (
  • Youtube (Delma Rae)
  • Youtube (Speak Māori)
  • Putiputi kāneihana lyrics (
  • NZ folksong: The rangi is a simplified variant of I'm Gonna Lock My heart (and throw away the key) words Jimmy Eaton / tune Terry Shand 1938.
    The kupu here are those sung by the Maori Battalion Reinfocements in 1942, using Tuini's original words "Ka piri rawa i tēnei uma e."
    In recent times times, this final line has been sung as "Piri rawa i tēnei hūnga e". (I will hold you tightly to this eruption)
    This could refer to either the singer's bursting heart, or to his loins. Or maybe to both!
  • Tuini Ngāwai – Waiata hōu contemporary Māori songs – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

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