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Greengage Jam

Greengage Jam

Jam is best when made in small batches. A small batch will cook down and reach setting point more quickly than a large one. A short cooking time preserves the taste, colour, and texture of fruit.

Lemon juice helps the set because it helps extract pectin from the fruit. It also preserves the colour of the fruit and adds a sometimes-missing fresh zing.

1kg firm greengage plums 1kg sugar (can reduce by up to 25%, recommended) 1 lemon 250ml water

  • wash and halve plums, removing blemishes and damaged parts of fruit - don't worry about removing stones, they will rise to the top when cooking
  • combine fruit, lemon juice and sugar in large pot
  • stir well and leave to stand for an hour, stirring occasionally
    (after the hour, sugar and lemon juice will naturally start to draw out juice from fruit and you'll have a thick syrupy mixture)
  • bring to boil then reduce heat to slow simmer until mixture reaches desired consistency
  • to determine when the jam is ready, place a small amount on a saucer and let it cool. If too runny, cook for a little longer. If not, remove from heat, scoop out the plum stones and place in sterilised jars

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