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Wine Jelly

Wine jelly

A light, tasty, and refreshing dessert.

2 cups of of fresh, frozen or tinned berries or plums 1 cup of sugar 1 cups of water 1 cup of riesling or sauvignon blanc wine 3 teaspoons gelatine ? cup cold water 1 small pottle of berry yoghurt

  • either
    • drain the tinned berries or plums, keeping the juice; or
    • cook the fresh or frozen fruit until they come to the boil and drain them, keeping the juice
  • place juice into a saucepan and bring to the boil with the sugar and water
  • simmer for 5 minutes then take off the heat
  • dissolve the gelatine in ½ a cup of hot water and mix for 1 minute until softened
  • stir into the hot mix and dissolve while stirring well
  • add the wine and mix. Note: to retain the alcohol in the wine add the wine while the liquid is much cooler
  • place the fruit evenly in a bowl or 6 wine glasses
  • cool the liquid in the saucepan by placing in the sink filled with a little cold water and whisking, this will make the liquid froth which is you want.
  • when cooled pour evenly into a bowl or glasses and spoon the froth on top
  • place in the fridge for at least 4 hours or untill jelly sets.
  • before serving place a teaspoon of berry yoghurt on top

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